So this past weekend was all about family for me. I flew to Houston to see my Grandma and attend a baby shower for Baby Rainwater.
My visit with my Grandma was wonderful and I got to find out so many things I never knew about her and my family. She told me about how she met my Grandfather...
Her friend was driving a member of a band to a BBQ and had invited her to join along. When she got out of the car the BBQ organizer greeted her and then called my Grandfather over and asked him to help her get food. My Grandfather replied that he would make sure that she never went hungry for the rest of her life.
We also spent time looking through very old family pictures and what I call her "box of treasures" that included her Wedding Ledger. Which has put me on a scavenger hunt to find the table cloth used at her wedding (which she was the 4th Generation to use).

While I was in Houston, I stayed with Brandon's cousin Chris and his wife Tammi. Tammi is expecting their first child the end of September/beginning of October, so while I was there I was able to join in this celebration by attending the Baby Shower for Baby Rainwater. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them along with the other members of Brandon's family that were at the shower.

I love spending time with family (and those who are technically not family) and I can't wait to make another trip to find out more stories that my Grandma has to share and spend time with everyone.

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