Life's a Beach

Another weekend, another trip, another great time. This past weekend Brandon and I spent the weekend with his parents in Port Aransas, Texas. This was basically my first time at the beach (Brandon calls me sheltered for this). Our condo had a great view and the beach was just wonderful. I did learn a few things about the beach:
  • Salt water is really really salty and tastes disgusting
  • I am not as coordinated as I thought I was, especially when it comes to trying expend less energy and use the wave to my benefit.
  • The highest SPF sunblock should be applied every 15 minutes, because I am now a sore lobster :)
  • The moment I finally caught a wave on the boogie board was awesome and it completely made up for the 5o tries before.
  • You are never too old to play in the sand and build a sandcastle (or a Sand Sea Turtle)
While we were on our trip I had my 25th Birthday and Don and Charmaine made it really special. They woke me up singing "Happy Birthday" and bringing me breakfast in bed--a girl could get used to that :) Charmaine made me a wonderful Lemon Cake with Cream cheese Lemon icing that she decorated with fresh flowers that she picked from around our Condo. I am trying to savor the piece she sent back to Denver with me. When we got back to San Antonio, we went out for Mexican Food to celebrate which Brandon and I so enjoyed because Colorado just doesn't compare to Texas when it comes to Mexican food.

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