Oh, Saigon

Well I made it on my first overseas flight. The flight really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I did sleep the majority of the time, but I made sure that I stayed up more in the second half of it, so that I would not have trouble sleeping. No major hiccups along the way. Though, since all my flights were either on time or early, I was praying that my luggage made it. If you didn't know, I have the worst luck when it comes to flying. I know I may be speaking too soon, but if anything happens on my flight home at least I will be back in the United States. Once I got through customs, I went searching for Katie. At the international terminal here, everyone must wait outside for their party. I saw her before she saw me and I just started waving like crazy to get her attention, which I did. Then we both went running to the closest opening and gave each other a really big hug. I am sure some people thought we were crazy, but we are best friends who have not seen each other in over a year :) Next we were in search of a taxi from a reputable company. All the taxi and motorbike drivers were really pushy and wanted us to use them, but Katie kept telling them no and we tried to walk away from them as fast as possible. Once the taxi was found and we were on our way, it was a surreal experience. Motorbikes out number cars by quite a bit. I saw up to 4 people on one bike (2 adults and 2 small children). Also, they drive very different here. Lanes and stop lights do not matter. Katie tried to point out many landmarks along the way, but it was dark so I didn't get to absorb too much. Once we got to Katie's house, she took me on her Motorbike for a little quick tour and to find her food. The weather was warm and very humid, but to her it was cool. It was a nice quick tour and I can't wait to see more later this week. Now we are headed to Hanoi and Halong Bay until Wednesday.

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