Ok, So I'm a Litte Obsessive

So I know Christmas was over a week ago, but I love baking cookies and I didn't get to this year. Since Brandon and I postponed Christmas, I figured I could still get a way with baking Christmas Sugar Cookies. I made the cookies on Thursday (my exciting New Year's Eve--but it made me very happy) and I finally frosted them tonight. I was a little obsessive and had to get the coloring just right and now my right arm is paying for all the stirring required to get enough food coloring mixed into the frosting. But the final result was worth it.

Now to my next obsession...

I bake most of the meals that Brandon eats while he is out on a trip. I put together meals in fold-top sandwich bags to keep each food separate and then I place a full meal in a Reynolds Vacuum Bag and vacuum-save the meals. As Brandon eats each meal, he keeps the Vacuum Bag and brings it home for me to wash and reuse. Well, when I wash them, I have my very small kitchen counter covered in these bags. With being gone, I had a large pile needing to be cleaned and I have been trying to find a more convenient way of drying. I didn't have to look far. I have had this drying rack for years (thanks mom), but I never use it...until now. It works perfectly for drying the bags and I won't have to fight with the bags anymore for my kitchen space.

I know that was a long blurb about baggies, but I am really happy with my ingenuity and plus I did warn you that I was a little obsessive :)

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Grumpy said...

"Thanks Mom," that came out of one of my field labs (I used it for drying glassware). Just proves great minds think alike!