What a Difference Paint Can Make

We fell in love with our ho use immediately, but we absolutely hated the paint choices. So I knew immediately that I wanted to paint the entire house, which I probably would have wanted anyway to give it a fresh coat. Brandon kept asking me, "Are you sure you want to paint the entire house?" and I always said, "Yes." Then he would ask me, "Do you know how big of a project that is?" and I would always reply, "It won't be too bad." Then he would give me a look that I interpreted as "your crazy." Well I admit, I was a little ambitious and am definitely crazy. My mom has spent the past 10 days in Denver helping us paint the entire house and I still have 50% of the trim/windows left to do and a couple places to touch up, which I hope to finish this weekend. It has been a tough job, but I am still glad that we did it. In addition to painting the entire house, we took down the art deco corner decorations in the large bathroom, removed the built-ins from the Master bedroom and Office, and removed the rest of the winter window coverings and moved them to the storage room. I am tired just thinking about it. Plus I have not take a day of vacation the entire time she was here and even had longer days at the office this week (aka 7 am work time). I took some pictures of the house last time for a before and after comparison of the interior paint colors.

Living Room/Dining Room (Before & After):

I love the chocolate walls (the wall with the boxes in front of it is also brown). That is going to be our dining room area while the living area will be closer to where I was standing to take the photo, as there is a fire place there.

Den/Odd Room:

Brandon hated this rose color more than any other or at least that is the way he acted about it. We had picked out one color (Swiss Coffee) but it was too white and not creamy enough for us so we went back and got this color which is also the light walls in the living room. We don't know what this room will be yet, but we have some plans for the future which will be a little while down the road...I think :)

Master Bedroom:

I don't think I would have hated this room so much if 1) the closet without doors was not painted orange, 2) this room was larger, 3) it had more windows, 4) the built in was removed. This room was a cave, but not anymore. As you can see, the built-in is gone and the color is much much lighter. You can't see it in this picture, but the closets are painted white. I love orange, but not in my closet.


My mom hated this room the most, so it was the first one completed. We tore down those art deco things in the corner and went neutral. It looks pink in the picture, but its really a very light brown. Think of melted chocolate ice cream.

Guest Room:

This is the room I could not get past, I got riled up everytime I talked about the color of the room. I described it as the "baby poop room", but as we started putting the new paint on we could see that the entire room was actually Texas Longhorn Orange. No wonder I hated it so much. The guest room and the bathroom are the exact same color, I think this picture gives a better representation of the true color.


The room would not have been so bad if the trim had only been white and not a darker green. Brandon and I went back and forth on what color to paint it. We had first picked out either a yellow or a lighter green. Then he got freaked out by the thought of yellow (for some reason he got the idea that I wanted to put yellow polka dots in there). So we shifted gears completely and found this beautiful slate blue.

The colors in our house are very natural and earthy, but we decided to go bold on our front door. And boy did we go BOLD:

We know that the front door is suppose to stand out, but we are still a little afraid of what we chose. I love it from the street because you can see it and it doesn't look so in your face, but when the door is open into the living room, I freak out a little :)

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