I Smell a Skunk (Or Is That My Dog?)

Jake got sprayed by a skunk last night. In our backyard. Of course, I had windows and the backdoor open so the house got the lovely skunk smell too. And it is still lingering.

Did I mention that Brandon was not home for all the fun? I called him and he laughed.

Brandon did get online to find a remedy for Jake (who I now affectionately call Stinky). At 9 O'clock last night when I should be winding down to go to bed, I headed to the store to get supplies and then gave Jake a bath. Since he was very wet and I didn't know how much he still smelled, he was demoted to sleeping in the garage.

This morning the garage smelled better than the house and I couldn't locate a heavy skunk smell on him, so I figured he was good and he was allowed to come back inside. However, the poor house isn't so lucky. I opened quite a few windows this evening to help air it out, but I have a feeling I will be smelling skunk for a while...if it is truly there or not.

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