London Bridge is Falling Down

I was constantly singing this song to myself as we prepared for our trip to England back in April (yes, I am a little behind in posting). Actually, I was unable to keep it out of my head as we were walking around London either. It really helped that I got to see the true London Bridge...which was just any old ordinary bridge.

Gretchen, my awesome friend from college, is working over there currently and we were able to stay with her the entire trip. She was a quite amazing host/tour guide. I hope we didn't inconvenience her too much. But I am so glad I got to see her!

Since it was 4 months ago, I don't feel like going too much in depth on our trip, so I will give just the highlights:

Day 1: After spending all night on an airplane (thankfully Business Class), we met up with Gretchen at the airport. On our way down to her house, on the South Coast (?) of England we detoured over to see Stonehenge. It was really cool to see up close, but the electronic tour guide took way to long explaining everything that I gave up and decided that the "rocks" were cool. After we had arrived at her apartment, we walked over to a restaurant for dinner where it took me three tries to order something off the menu that they actually had!

Day 2: Had a delicious breakfast. Went to Bath. Saw some charming small villages around bath (don't think they were large enough to call towns). Loved the architecture and the history in Bath. The electronic tour guide was better at the Roman Baths, but I still gave up halfway through. Loved, loved, loved the quaint villages she took us to see. Sorry, but a lot of the pictures are just random buildings around there.

Day 3: London!!! Have you ever seen London in a day? Half-day? How about 6 hours? Well we did and we got to see everything on my list (though I still have to go back because we were unable to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace). Gretchen is an amazing tour guide. She new the places to go and how and where we should start our tour. We did have one hiccup and that was the unexpected London Marathon that was taking place!!! Good thing we were towards the end and didn't have too much of an inconvenience :) Great tour, Great sights, Great time!

Day 4: Oxford...on our own. Poor Gretchen had to work on our last full day there. So Brandon and I took the train to Oxford. It was actually pretty easy and I am glad we attempted it because we were about to chicken out at one point since it was raining. We took a walking tour of Oxford, though I wish I could have convince Brandon to take the Harry Potter walking tour :( He was grateful that it was not being offered that day, otherwise I would have dragged him to it :) The walking tour was pretty good, though our tour guide dragged on about pointless things and kept showing us pictures from postcards and newspapers instead of what was around us. We survived and still enjoyed it. We were able to have a wonderful Italian meal before we caught the train back to see Gretchen.

Day 5: Goodbye London, Hello USA

London Bridge is Falling Down

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