For our first Christmas, we spent it with Brandon's parents, his Aunt & Uncle, and his cousin Kyle in Breckenridge. Brandon and Kyle skied nearly everyday they were able. I came to the party late, since I was out in Atlanta watching my best friend get married, so I didn't ski any. Unfortunately, the mountains are low on snow for the season, so the resorts are having to make a lot of it still which causes it to be a little icy. I don't care of the icy conditions, so I passed on the chance to stay and extra day and get to ski. The low snow did not stop us from renting Snowmobiles for an afternoon and hitting the sights of Vail Pass. Even though it was a little cold (and after the 3 hours and my fingers being freezing, we found out the my heater wasn't working!), we had a great time with only a couple stories to tell :) Once we warmed up by stopping at a little coffee and donut shop in  Downtown Breckenridge (the donuts are amazing!), we headed back to the rental house and prepared to have our Christmas Dinner and open gifts. Then it was time to start packing up and head home the next day. It was a fast trip and would have enjoyed more time to explore and walk around, but hopefully we will go back soon.

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