Well October has come and gone and I feel like I am still trying to keep up. I just don't know where the month went. It has been a very eventful month. At the beginning of the month Brandon and I got moved. So I had to get things unpacked and in its place before my mom, my aunt and his mom showed up a week and a half later. I basically killed myself trying to get as much done as possible and it turned out pretty well but I still have a lot to do. As mentioned, I had an apartment full of visitors which was wonderful. This was the first time for our moms to meet and I think it was a success :) We spent most of the weekend shopping and eating. Poor Charmaine probably had no idea what she got herself into when she agreed to come. This has been an annual event for my mom and aunt since I moved to Denver two years ago. We had a great time and each came away with some good bargains. Charmaine came to Denver bearing a gift for Brandon and I--an OSU Christmas Tree!! I love it and already have it up in my apartment in support of my OSU Cowboy Football team. As I was writing those words, Toby Keith's "Should've Been a Cowboy" came on my radio. For those who are not familiar with OSU tradition, this song is played after every home game (football and basketball) and is our unofficial school song. (I am sure that Toby is not happy about this as he is a huge OU fan). So I am going to take this as a good omen--GO POKES!! Speaking of the Pokes I have spent many of my Saturday's of this month at Old Chicago's in Downtown Denver with my fellow OSU Denver Alums cheering on our Cowboys. We have been very proud of them and have probably run a few people out of the restaurant with our loudness :) It has been great to hang out with Jodi, Chris, and Chip again. We have added a few more people to our table this year and have begun planning our assault on Boulder when OSU play CU on November 15th. I have also had some fun this month. I spent the Friday before Halloween carving pumpkins at Brittany's house. I cannot remember ever carving pumpkins before (I think we painted a few), so I had a lot to learn and my poor pumpkin looked like a 5 year carved it :) Unfortunately, none of our pumpkins survived the warm weather we are having and had all collapsed inside themselves before the Halloween party, this was probably a good thing for mine. Brittany's Halloween Party was great. Everyone had great costumes and was super nice. Brittany and her sisters were great to me and lent me a costume (at 10 am yesterday I did not have one). I was a pirate and Brittany was Young Elvis. Her costume was so good that she was hardly recognizable.

So October has come and went and I know November won't be much better. I leave for Vietnam on the 21st, so I have better get busy getting stuff together!! Hopefully I will be much better at keeping everyone updated.

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