Orange Power

Oh, how I miss being in Stillwater and going to OSU football games. I have been lucky enough to go to 2 football games this year. As you know, Brandon, Jodi, Chris, Chip, and I traveled to Seattle over Labor Day to watch the opening game. Then this past weekend, OSU traveled to us to take on CU (University of Colorado). We have been looking forward to this game for a while, especially with how well OSU has played this year (GO POKES!!). Chip got the tickets for us and Jodi planned the rest, she really takes care of us and makes sure that everything is in order :) On Friday after work, the Alumni Association planned an event for the Denver Alumni and Alumni traveling from out of town for the game to network and get excited about the football game on Saturday. Jodi, Chris and I bailed on this a little early, but we had a good excuse....COOKIES!!! Jodi and I had to get the cookies baked for our tailgate. So we baked and we baked and we baked some more and then we decorated. We ended up making 3 different batches of cookies...Chocolate Cookies Sandwiches with Orange Frosting, Chocolate Chip, and "O"-shaped Sugar Cookies. As if you couldn't already figure this out, but Jodi and I are the bakers of the group :) We ended up staying up until 2 am baking and decorating cookies. We might have gone slightly overboard, but it was a blast and everyone had a variety of cookies to eat (not to mention, more than plenty). Despite the late night, I was up early on Saturday to make Tortilla Cream Cheese Pinwheels (because I got lazy on Thursday and didn't do it then). We then all met up at Jodi's before heading up to Boulder, where the rest of the group would meet up with us for the tailgate.

Colorado has been having some beautiful weather lately. Saturday was no different. I had a turtleneck with a t-shirt over it and a light jacket when I got to Jodi's and I was a little warm. But in Colorado, it doesn't matter how nice the day is, it gets really cold when the sun goes down. So we arrive at our tailgate spot at 3 pm, which you would think would make for a couple hours of nice warm sun...not so much. The sun started setting 15 minutes after we arrived and that is when the freezing started. Since the game was at night I had packed a sweatshirt, jacket, blanket, gloves and hat, but I had not planned on putting any of this on until I got to the game. We were all in our sweatshirts within no time and the gloves soon followed. At this point we all became really stubborn and didn't want to put anything else on until we got to the stadium, for fear that it would not be enough. So after are wonder tailgate ended we were off to cheer on our Cowboys.

Our Cowboys won, though it was not pretty. We had a great time at the game and it was warmer in the stadium, which made all of us happier.

Oh, how I miss our Cowboys.

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