While the boys are away, the girls will play

...or at least have dinner.

Brandon was out of town...

Jodi's husband, Chris, was out of town...

So what are us lonely girls to do? Eat and talk, of course!

Katherine and Jodi came over to my place for a dinner last night. It was nice to have some interaction with people other than co-workers in the middle of the week. Plus, it gave me an excuse to clean my apartment and cook, neither of those happen mid-week when Brandon is gone. Plus, the girls finally got to see my apartment. Poor Jodi and Chris always end up with all the happenings at their place. But we decided to start branching out and Katherine has decided that she gets the next event...I can't wait!

PS. Jodi and Katherine are both OSU Grads that I met in Denver--Jodi at an OSU watch party my first fall in Denver and Katherine this summer through Jodi. It's like I have a piece of home here.

Left: Jodi and I in Seattle (yeah, I cut the guys out of the picture).
Right: Katherine and I at our tailgate before the CU/OSU football game

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