Winter Weather Advisory

It has been predicted that the Denver metro area could get up to a foot of snow tomorrow. The office is buzzing like a bunch of grade schoolers at the prospect of the office being closed tomorrow. It kind of makes me laugh to remember that yes, we are responsible adults, but we all still love a snow day :) I have to admit I would love to spend the day all by myself doing chores around the apartment, and by chores I mean sleeping in, reading my book, and browsing the internet.

Because of all the hoopla and build up for the snow, which we desperately need, I am expecting to wake up in the morning to zero, zilch, nada snow laying on the ground outside my apartment. And if there is any, it is nothing more than a couple inches, I've been through this before, so I just can't get my hopes up.

I guess I will have to listen to Gary England and "Stay with News 9, we'll keep you advised." Oh wait, Gary is in Oklahoma. In that case, I will have to figure something else out.

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