5 months later...

I started this photo project for the living room back in November and finally finished it tonight.

That is 5 months of sorting through 1000 pictures and narrowing it down to only nine.

That is 5 months of searching for the perfect frames that will each be unique but not take away from the others.

That is 5 months of arranging and rearranging the pictures until I finally get the perfect design...and then changing it again.

That is 5 months of anxiously waiting to finally see the photographs on the wall and it was worth it.

The pictures are of only scenery and are places that Brandon and I have traveled over the last few years. I would like to say that we took them all ourselves, but I have a feeling that Julian is responsible for the majority of them as he was the designated photographer during Brandon, Clay, and his trip around Europe. We have Amsterdam, Hawaii, Paris, Prague, Rome, Seattle, Venice, Vietnam and a random train somewhere in Europe. The pictures are a mix of us and so is the project as we each had a say in the way it turned out.

Originally Posted 4/13/2009

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