The Past Week

In the past week I have...
  • Travelled to England and back
  • Moved from my sunny small cube to a windowless big office
  • Had the new house inspected
  • Had the new house's pipes cleaned
  • Flown to Oklahoma for Lynn's wedding

So the week has been a little crazy. But it has been a great time. Hopefully I will get my computer fixed so I can post the pictures from our London trip soon. But the main thing on my mind lately has been house stuff. We did find out that the previous owner took all of the kitchen appliances, the washer, plus the swamp cooler...not cool. But everything else in the house looks great, so we are very happy about that. On Wednesday, we officially started the process for buying the house and had the house inspected. Everything looked great and we are good to go. Then yesterday we had the pipes cleaned to make sure there were no blockages, either from build up or issues in the pipes. Once again things looked good. So it looks like things are finally starting to look up for us at this point--knock on wood.

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