I have my computer back!!! I have MY COMPUTER back!!! I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK!!!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, can you tell that I am happy to have my computer back. I feel so giddy and that I have just been given a brand new computer. Three or so months without it has made me really miss it and glad that it really isn't gone. I only have myself to blame for having to wait three months for it, but who cares :) I finally called Dell and requested all my backup CDs, which they provided for FREE, however the information I had to provide was not so easily accessible (I don't remember my order # from 4 years ago, where was the computer delivered?) and they weren't too helpful since I am out of warranty and didn't want to pay $50 to get out of warranty assistance. But I got it and Brandon ordered me a hard drive and then this weekend we put it all together. It has taken us a bit to figure out all the drivers we needed to download, but I think it is almost back to where I need it.

I do have to admit I haven't been completely left hanging without a computer at home, but I can't freely download all my programs, pictures and other random stuff that I want to on Brandon's computer because I don't want to be the person using it when it crashes (which it will soon). But no more complaining, I have my computer back and hopefully I will post pictures from our trip to England back in April (yes, APRIL!). I will also post some updated pictures of the house soon.

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