The Proposal

After a long day of driving and hiking Waimea Canyon, spending time at Poipu Beach, and admiring the Wailua Waterfall (from the opening scenes of Fantasy Island), we decided to find a couple local beaches before heading back to our resort. We ended up finding Kealia Beach just off the highway that was mostly deserted in the late afternoon. There were a few surfers trying to catch some final waves of the evening at one end so we started walking the other way where there were just a few people here and there, but were mostly packing up for the evening. We had already changed back into our normal clothing, so we didn't have any intention on swimming which was a good thing because the waves were very constant and kept creeping up the beach. A few times we got hit with a little bit more wave than we were intending. But it was gorgeous. The water was very blue and you could just see on for miles. As we were walking along the beach, I found a stick and decided to write in the sand and let the waves wash it away. I always feel like the beach brings out the inner child, because it is so calming you forget out about any worries or things that needs to be done. I made Brandon draw in the sand too. Even though neither of us are very good artists, it was very enjoyable. We finally made it to the far end of the beach and had it all to ourselves. I showed off my gymnastic skills and attempted a few cartwheels, because I always wanted to do that on a beach and like I said before the beach brings out the inner child. Brandon laughed and when I finished he asked me, "Is this the perfect moment?" or "Is this a great moment right now?" I said, "Yes, it has been a perfect day and been great to just forget about everything for a little while." He told me that he wanted to write one more thing in the sand, stole the stick out of my hand, and told me I couldn't see it until he finished and to turn around. When I turned around he had written, "Marry Me?" in the sand and was down on one knee with just the ring in his hand. At which point, my brain failed me and didn't know what to do (scream, cry, jump up and down). In the end, I got the word "Yes" out and I ran over to him (maybe even tackling him) and grabbed the ring out of his and and just stared at it. I started to put the ring on when my brain finally started working again and I yelled out, "Wait, your suppose to do this part!" So I handed the ring back to him and he placed it on my finger. Then we waited a few days before we called our families and friends and just enjoyed our "Engagement-moon."

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