Wedding Party

To Brandon and I, friends and family are the most important thing about our wedding. We didn't want to have a wedding without the most important people in our lives. Each person of our wedding party has helped shape our lives, either as a couple or as individuals. We would not be who we are today (or have some very fond memories) without these people and are truly grateful that they are a part of our lives.

The Officiant--Clay

Clay and Brandon met during their freshman year at Oklahoma State. Since then they have shared many experiences together, from concerts to a three week European backpacking trip. Clay is a professional musician who has been playing in and around Southern Alabama for the last four years.

The Girls

Maid of Honor--Katie 

My Best Friend. How else better to describe her? I have known her since we were in Kindergarten and I moved down the street from her. From the moment my brother walked me down to her house to meet and have a play-date, we have been the best of friends. To this day, even though we reside on two different continents (she is currently residing in Vietnam), she is a great friend and someone who I still tell all my secrets.


I've known Gretchen since college at OSU where we both worked as Community Facilitators in Bennett Hall. I definitely would not have as many great memories from my Senior year if it wasn't for her. We are very much alike, which can be good (or bad in our case sometimes....lets just say that we have both had our fair share of blond moments and thankfully not on the same time or we would have been in real trouble!!) Because if you can't laugh at yourself or with your best friend because you know it could been you in that exact situation, then what can you laugh at? Gretchen currently resides in the U.K., but will be calling USA home again in the near future (which I am anxiously awaiting!!)


Jodi and I  met in Denver at an OSU watch party in 2006 when we were one of the few young people attending them.Other than OSU, Jodi and I share a love for baking. We have spent many late nights baking treats for Christmas, Bake Sales, Tailgates and any other reason we can come up with to bake something :) With so many of my friends and family so far away, I have really enjoyed having a friend like Jodi close. And late this winter, I will have two more reasons to enjoy her living so close, as she is expecting twins!!

The Boys

Best Man--Chris

Chris is Brandon's second cousin, and they have been friends for as long as Brandon can remember. When they were young they spent a few weeks of every summer together in which they created lots of memories by causing a lot of mischief. They have always had, and will likely continue to have much in common. Chris is married with two young boys, and recently finished training for the Texas Highway Patrol.


Mark and Brandon have been friends since elementary school. During high school they attended many local concerts on the weekends. Mark is currently a teacher in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Groomsman--Julien (aka Frenchy)

Julien and Brandon met during their freshman year at Oklahoma State, both were part of the aviation program. They worked together throughout the training process, and still consult each other often. Julien was raised in Paris, France, and led Brandon and Clay around Europe during their backpacking trip. Julien recently started pilot training at American Eagle Airlines.


Zack and Brandon met during their Junior year at Oklahoma State, and lived together for the next two years. They enjoyed road trips and hunting together. Zack currently lives with his wife, Karissa, in Tulsa, OK, and they are expecting a baby girl in late Spring.

Usher--Chris (aka Gumby)

Chris and Brandon met at Oklahoma State through the aviation program and Air Force ROTC. Hillary and Brandon were actually introduced through Chris' wife, Becky. He and Brandon attended many OSU football and basketball games together. Chris lives in Oklahoma with his wife Becky.


Kyle and Brandon are second cousins. No one gave Brandon a harder time about not being engaged earlier than Kyle did. He even started introducing Hillary to some of his friends as Brandon's Fiance over a year before we were actually engaged! Kyle is Chris' younger brother, and graduates high school in 2011.


Canon is Hillary's older brother. He currently lives in Oklahoma, though he probably spends more time working and staying on Rigs.