1 Week

1 Week...Apparently that is really all I needed to get the majority of the wedding planned (and bought in some cases!) My mom and Brandon's mom came to Denver and for 1 week, every waking moment was spent on wedding planning. They even planned the whole rehearsal dinner in one morning while I worked--and ended up being very late to our lunch because of it :) So here is a quick list of everything that was accomplished...

Wedding Dress
Mother of the Bride Dress
Food and Serving Dishes for Wedding and Rehearsal
Hostess Gifts
Bridesmaid Gifts
Decorations for Wedding and Rehearsal
Found Location for Bridesmaid luncheon
Found Bed and Breakfast for Wedding Night
Floor plan for venue

I know that I am forgetting so much, but that is quite a list!! We were exhausted every night when we finished, but I am so glad that they were able to come up and get so much done and my extra guestroom has become the Wedding Room ;)

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