Ups and Downs

That has been my day.

I woke up today thinking that today would be the day that we finally got the contract for our house. Not only did we not get the contract today, we found out the bank forgot to pull it off the foreclosure list. So the house was foreclosed on March 12. This was not part of the plan. What makes it even worse is the fact that we had double checked with the selling realtor who in turn called the bank to make sure they had postponed the foreclosure until the 17th of April. The banker assured that it had, WRONG!!

So I was so upset about this, because there is no guarantee that we could get the house under the foreclosure. Brandon and I both love this house. It is in a good neighborhood, it is a brick home (a great selling point for these two southerners), not much work required (only cosmetic wants), and it has a great yard. The only thing that could make us think otherwise would be a major issue found during inspection, but that is it. I want this house. So needless to say, I was heartbroken.

But we have a wonderful realtor, Carol. She was ready to try anything for us to get this house. Then she talked to the selling realtor, who was even more furious than us and she was ready to fight for us (and her poor client, who had multiple offers on the house and shouldn't have been foreclosed on). Then we learn that the seller had hired an attorney when all this started.

Oh, the hope starts to come back.

The sellers attorney has had a foreclosure reversed before, so he is taking over dealing with the bank on this issue. Hopefully we hear something early next week (I'm rooting for Monday) if this would be possible and if we have a chance at getting our house. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and am going to try to think positive all weekend.

Maybe I should make something chocolate to help me cope with all this stress. Mmm...chocolate. Yes, baking and chocolate sound like a fine idea :)

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